The Tomorrow That Never Was

An animation about the near future. And bachelor thesis. Wohoo!



Talking Future


We are entering the Anthropocene, an epoch where humans have significant impact on the earth and its ecosystem.

For my bachelor thesis  in communication design/graphic design at HTW Berlin I took a look at how this will influence our future living. My animation is based on the findings of Norwegian author and MIT Professor Jørgen Randers, who published the book “2052 – A Global Forecast Over The Next Forty Years” in 2012. It explains how economy, population and climate change are in relation to each other and will change over the next forty years.

My animation tries to sum up the most important information and  depict them in an understandable way.




Theoretical part of the bachelor 





The cause-and-effect chain shows some of the most important topics of the book and how they relate to each other.




Infographic poster

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