SCHLACHTEN video installation

Video installation for a staged concert & social media



The concert SCHLACHTEN III – The Number of the Beast by Marc Sinan focussed on the number 666 and the evil that sometimes surfaces in everyone of us. I was asked to create an animation for the backdrop to create an atmosphere for the concert.

In the end a 6 x 13 m animation was projected to the opera of the concert hall of Radialsystem V Berlin, and a smaller projection showed the numbers. The animation is based on the already existing poster by Angela Järmann.

Video installation for a staged concert, social media posts and banner









The concert was split into six acts. Each had a unique atmosphere according to the speed and mood of the concert. A smaller canvas display the nuumbers from 000 to 666.





social media



Above: three of the six acts that were teasered on Instagram.
Below: Banner for VAN Magazine, a digital magazine that specializes in classical music.





Premiere at Radialsystem Berlin



Animation Backdrop



Smart Plus product videos

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