OBEN Booking

One pager for a booking agency



The newly founded Berlin-based booking agency »OBEN« organizes concerts for up-and-coming artists in the  Electro, indie and classical music genre. I was asked to develop, design and set up a one-pager website for OBEN Booking.

One pager for a Berlin based booking agency


OBEN booking






After a briefing I structured the website regarding to the needs of OBEN. I created a header, an about section, a project section and implemented a contact form.





The video header is a reference to the »O« in »OBEN« as well as to moving head lights, that you can find at music venues. I took the two main colors of the website from the animation. All the headlines are slightly animated as well as the logo in the top left corner to give the site a bit of ease and movement.

color gradient with main colors #3300ff / #7122aa and logo gif.






I made a very minimal icon set to structure the about section visually. The projects are shown in a media grid, content appears on hover.







TPM Security animation

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