I Exist campaign & installation

Experimental videos for a stage design



Marc Sinan, composer und musician, travelled to India to find the roots of the European Sinti and Roma. Together with stage designers Delaine and Damian Le Bas he developed an experimental staged concert which incorporated video material of their trip. I worked with the raw material of Hans-Peter Eckardt who was filming the trip to India and cut several interviews and performances that were shown on stage on the top right corner.



Cut video material for a staged concert
Cut video premiere concert
Print & guerilla campaign
Nur Baute
Marc Sinan



Stage setting





 Interviews / Music performances

I cut several interviews, connecting pieces and four music videos that were incorporated in the final staged concert. The backdrop shows Damian Le Bas’ art work, Delaine Le Bas’ photography and the videos I cut in the top right corner.


Interview: Nataly Bleuel
Camera India: Hans-Peter Eckardt, Markus Rindt
Camera Premiere: Adrian Figueroa
Cut: Maria Lanowski





I Exist – Premiere Trailer

I also cut the final ninety minutes version of the premiere which you can find here and the trailer for it.




Stencil & Poster

Poster and stencil at Moritzplatz Berlin to create attention right before the concert.





Stationery Rebecca

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